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Tilo Baumgärtel

Katalog mit 55 farbigen und 35 schwarz-weißen Abbildungen im Offsetdruck, gestaltet von Andrej Loll
Broschur, 184 Seiten, 18x26,5 cm, Auflage 750
Erschienen 12/2015
ISBN 978-3-945111-18-5
Vorschau (PDF)

The pictorial spaces that Baumgärtel creates are like memories and fantasies torn from their proper homes, offering visions of incipient decay or a looming downfall - we can`t help but feel we are looking at the visualization of someone´s worst-case scenario. This unsettling world is one of beguiling possibilities - of dark, of threatening incidents, or of the menace of something unforeseen that enshrouds the figures in their post-catastrophic surroundings. (Christoph Tannert)

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