Katharina Immekus

Artist book with 24 multi-coloured cliché prints by Katharina Immekus, printed from photopolymer plates
Cover: Linocut by Katharina Immekus
Paperback, 24 pages, 16,5x25 cm, edition of 300
Released 09/2014
ISBN 978-3-941601-99-4

For the artist book Shing-a-ling Katharina Immekus made twelve abstract line drawings that served as template for twelve relief printing clichés. In up to four print procedures the plates were (re-)arranged again and again on the sheet, twisted against each other and printed on top of each other in vibrant colours.
In this experimental but controlled process a vigorous artist book has been created with cliché prints, whose colourfulness and printing appearance makes one think of untamed felt pen drawings. Taking a closer look the dense, seemingly impenetrable web of lines, now and then interrupted by lighter, single-coloured prints, is revealed to be the result of a printmaking process, to be combinations or variations of the same recurring lines and structures.

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