Der 15. Januar 1919 war ein Mittwoch

Ute Richter

Artist book in newspaper format with black and white figures in web offset print, designed by Kay Bachmann
with texts by Dietmar Dath and Britt Schlehahn (german)
Newspaper, 32 pages, 40x57 cm, edition of 5000
Released 10/2017
ISBN 978-3-945111-42-0
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The newspaper consists of 9 posters by artist Ute Richter and the text „Vorkriegslogik oder Rosa Luxemburg trifft Stanislaw Lesniewski“ by Dietmar Dath.

January 15, 1919 is the date of the assassination of communist leader Rosa Luxemburg by right wing volunteer corps soldiers. With her newspaper project Ute Richter does not introduce Rosa Luxemburg the fighter, but the plant collector. Roughly rendered and strongly abstracted it shows 6 out of 370 plants that Rosa Luxemburg assembled in 17 booklets. Her herbarium was considered to be lost for a long time until it reappeared in a Warsaw archive in 2009. Originally Luxemburg wanted to be a botanist. She drew strength studying plants and the structures of nature.
But can the dedication to nature and landscape be interpreted as withdrawal from or even a betrayal of the social mandate? A quote by Heiner Müller marks the context of the newspaper project and closes the gap between past and present: "Der Terror von dem ich schreibe kommt aus | Deutschland".

Please note: The artist book is printed on newsprint paper on a web offset press. A poor ageing resistance (e.g. yellowing over time) and low strenght (e.g. bends along the edges) are product typical features and not regarded as defects.

(Photos on the left: André Matthei)

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