Schmetterling/ Butterfly

Katja Schwalenberg

Artist book with one, two or three coloured risograph prints by Katja Schwalenberg
Cover with original print
21 loose sheets, folded, held together by elastic band, 84 pages, 19x27 cm, edition of ca. 200
Released 06/2018
ISBN 978-3-945111-46-8

Butterfly, Schmetterling, summer bird, Schmandlecker, Müllermaler, a small animal, with seemingly amazing capabilities. It is said it could trigger hurricanes, with a single beat of its wings. The variety of their form, the number of their species is immense but so, also is their decline. It is a symbol of love, of poetry, of kitsch, in the Middle Ages witches turned into butterflies, it is an exercise in yoga, a training device for the deltoid muscles.
The booklet contains 42 spreads, each with a butterfly that is printed in risograph printing with 8 different colors (monochrome, bi-color, or tri-color). The pages of the booklet are not imposed and they are bound with a rubber band, so that the coming together of the butterfly-halves continually creates new forms and colours.

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