Dialogue avec le visible

Jesper Fabricius

Artist book with 52 full-page figures in a four-colour offset print
Paperback, 52 pages, 22,5x32 cm, edition of 500
Released 09/2018
ISBN 978-3-945111-44-4
Preview (PDF)

The Danish artist Jesper Fabricus works with various artistic media: film, installation, ready-made, painting, photography, drawing and collage. He particularly deals with the relation between imagination and reality and the changeability of things/ words/ images depending on the context in which they are found. In his own artist books the filmmaker, artist, publisher and chief editor of art magazin Pist Protta preferably works with collaged images and text snippets. Starting with the search for titles for his art works or exhibitions his fascination for the duality between language and imagery grew and found its expression in the artist book „Dialogue avec le visible“.

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