Kerstin Flake

Catalogue with 48 figures in a four-colour offset print, designed by Maria Magdalena Koehn
with an introduction by Florian Ebner (german/ english)
Paperback, 83 pages, 24x30 cm, edition of 500
Released 02/2010
ISBN 978-3-941601-30-7

Released on the occasion of the solo exhibition "Turbulenzen" at galerieKleindienst, Leipzig from 19/2 until 20/3/2010.
There are photographs, in which, when we look at them, everything seems to be in the right place in two respects: looking at photographs of rooms, objects often appear to be arranged in evidently plausible constellations, authentic in their relationships among them selves and to the surrounding space. Perhaps someone has just left the room, leaving an invisible regiment to keep watch over the order of things. This order may also appear suitable in terms of the picture’s composition – the way things are arranged and emphasised on the surface (and within the space) of the picture. Kerstin Flake’s series Fake Spaces might also be described as a ‘message from the interior’, although, in these new works, the documentary and the pictorial are dialectically opposite. Taken in deserted, late nineteenthcentury houses, all the photographs possess somewhat flagrant elements that overturn the conventional order of these vacant rooms. Enigmatic moments and bizarre configurations permeate the heedfully staged photographs.

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