Zick Zack Tattoo Flash Vol. 1. Die Zwickmühle

Sebastian Gögel

Artist book with 64 black and white figures in offset print on coloured paper, designed by Andrej Loll
Cover: letterpress
Paperback, 64 pages, 16,5x23,5 cm, edition of 500
Released 03/2010
ISBN 978-3-941601-39-0

Sebastian Gögel's tattoo designs take on a life of their own with this collection of black and white photographs in which sketchbook drawings and scribbled ideas appear side by side with color-tinted images of the designs as they appear inked into human skin. Using a style that combines tribal imagery with simple old-timey theatrical sketches, Gögel's characters include monstrous animal hybrids, dragons, and circus performers that appear to dance and slither across the page and onto the bodies of Gögel's friends and customers.

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