Die Anderen

Matthias Ludwig

Catalogue with 27 figures in a four-colour offset print, designed by Simone Waßermann
with a text by Heike Geißler (german/ english)
Paperback, 48 pages, 21,5x27,5 cm, edition of 500
Released 12/2009
ISBN 978-3-94161-31-4

Released on the occasion of the solo exibition „Die Anderen“ at galerie leuenroth, Frankfurt/Main from 5/12/2009 until 9/1/2010.
In Matthias Ludwigs paintings we meet figures that only appear to act with each other and act strangely isolated. The compositional cohesion of the figures within the narrow pictorial space is repealed by gesture and mimic, their presence is difficult to understand, present a puzzling aspect. Ludwig tells stories that lead nowhere. „Puppenhaft sind diese Figuren, sinnlos-neckisch ihre Gesten und unzeitgemäß ihr Habitus. Sie sitzen auf der Schwelle, selbstbewusst im Besitz ihrer angestaubten Schönheit, und zeigen sich und uns ihre entleerten Formeln.“ („Doll like are these figures, absurd teasing their gestures and old fashioned their habit. They sit on the doorstep, confident in possession of their dusty beauty, and show their hollow formulas to us and themselves.“ Tina Schulz, galerie leuenroth)

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