16.777.216 Farben

Adrian Sauer

1. vol. Farben, 2. vol. Arbeiten, 3. vol. Material
Artist book in offset print, designed by Anna Lena von Helldorff
with an essay by Florian Ebner (german/ english)
3 volumes, paperback, 40 pages per volume, 20,5x30,5 cm, edition of 450
Released 10/2009
ISBN 978-3-941601-27-7

Released on the occasion of the solo exhibition "16.777.216 Farben" at Galerie Klemm‘s, Berlin from 23/1 until 6/3/2010.
Adrian Sauer is an artist and photographer. In his previous work he deals by digitally recomposed photographs with the conditions and consequences of analogue photographies disappearing for our contemporary image culture.
In his artist book "16.777.216 Farben" (16.777.216 colours), Adrian Sauer presents the whole palette of digital painting. The 16.777.216 different colours that the RGB-color space can generate with the additive model of color synthesis are ordered at random, not according to color spectrums. Instead of smooth transitions and fine chromatic difference, there is a flickering expanse of tiny colour squares expressing the idea of the finitude of the space of digital color: what you see is all you get. With this gesture, Adrian Sauer designates his work as Verifiche, as new verifications of the material of photography 40 years after the pioneers of Bildanalytische Photographie (Analytical Photography).

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