Urlaub von zu Hause

Stefan Fischer

Photo book with 24 figures in a four-coloured offset print, designed by Jasmin Kress
with an accompanying text by Tina Schulz (german/ english)
Paperback, 40 pages, 23x28,5 cm, edition of 500
Released 05/2010
ISBN 978-3-941601-41-3

Backlight constitutes the formal brace that surrounds Fischers photographs, the narrative strategy of the series. The rays of the sun not only render the depicted surroundings visible, but also partially displace them from the domain of visibility and visibleness. What is hidden in the shadows of the spatial framework is at second view composed of fine sturctures and differences. Shadow and glare aggravate sight but also force the viewer to the reflexion about the thing worth photographing.
The unspecific sceneries and locations which could come from any urban area are removed by warm shades and new references from their insignificance. Allocating unalterable positions to all constituent parts with reference to a vertical axial plane, this framework connects the human body to the apparatus the environment and the light source.
Fischers photographs attain their nonchalence in a threefold way: he doesn't renounce references to amateur photography's somewhat garish aesthetic, doesn't superficially brood over the transcendental symbolism of light, and he doesn't attempt to perform medial deconstructions of representation with reference to whichever historical age.

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