Edgar Leciejewski

Catalogue with 195 coloured and 4 black and white figures in offset print, designed by Toni Schönbuchner and Joachim Bartsch
with accompanying texts by Adriano Sack, Steffen Siegel and Carsten Tabel (german/ english)
Paperback, 104 pages, 23,5x33 cm, edition of 500
Released 06/2011
ISBN 978-3-941601-51-2

Contains the two photographic works "ghosts and flowers" and "how to build a sun" by Edgar Leciejewski both dealing with very different ways of observing a place that has been explored by photo cameras with unparalleled thouroughness and abundance. The series "ghosts and flowers" (2010) is based on screenshots of photographs of the streets of New York which the artist found on Google's Street View service. For the artist it is here less about the streets themselves, about buildings or greenery, for him it is about the passers-by, who are recorded unintentionally but inevitably by the always indifferent camera. Treated as by-catch by Google Inc. that pixelates and disguises their features they become urban proto-types or sculptural symbols of New York City. On the other hand there is a second series of private photographs, "how to build a sun", that arose during his 6 months stay in New York in 2010. They depict a very familiar America through fresh eyes. All images are personal, all depict a personal experience, and yet mirror a shared conception of geography, by bringing up themes and questions, deal with motifs intrinsically related to this well-known place - from sky to subway system.

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