Eros und Thanatos

Mark Gisbourne

Reveries of desire and fulfilment
Contemporary Art SØR Rusche Collection in Dialogue with Old Masters

Honoured by Stiftung Buchkunst as one of the most beautiful german books 2013
Edited by Matthias Bleyl, Mark Gisbourne, Wim Pijbes, Thomas Rusche, Hans-Werner Schmidt, Wolfgang Ullrich
Collection catalogue with 76 black and white figures, printed from photopolymer plates/ clichés, designed by Maria Magdalena Koehn
with a text by Mark Gisbourne and a foreword by Hans-Werner Schmidt/ Director MdbK Leipzig (german/ english)
Paperback, 104 pages, 30x38 cm, edition of 1500
Released 06/2012
ISBN 978-3-941601-59-8
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